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About Me

Hello, thanks for stopping by! I am a big fan of Subaru's if you could not tell and have created this channel to capture many of my hobbies. First and foremost I want to thank my wife, son, family, and friends for all your support and positive VIBES!

I am an older, not so grown up, adult who enjoys PC gaming with my friends and family. I am a husband for over 20 years and try to keep up with my teenage son who runs circles around me. I also am a grandpa, hard to believe, but my beautiful daughter made this guy one!

I enjoy other hobbies than PC gaming. I enjoy long walks on the beach..... wait a minute! No, I enjoy the smells of RACE GAS and BURNT RUBBER, especially if I am the one doing the activity of burning rubber. I have spent many years involved in SCCA autocross and rallycross events and I am currently building a 97 Subaru Brighton for the track.

Sometimes you will also find me at various locations with a Nikon DSLR in hand capturing events or just some wonderful IRL landscapes and that. Have been shooting photograph since 2008.

Lastly, I really enjoy dark beers, whiskey, and a relaxing moment with a cigar. Many of which I will share with you on stream!


YouTube: @MrJPMMedia
Instragram: @jpmmedia